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About us

TALENTA Commerce is a professional eCommerce Operations Management Services Company

We are a technology services company dedicated to Multi-Channel eCommerce.
We bring together innovative technology, efficient processes, and industry expertise to manage our clients eCommerce ecosystems in high value marketplaces.

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The History

With over a decade of eCommerce experience, we have made all of the mistakes every seller goes through. We have used that open source software, and spent countless nights frustrated with some update. We have been through the flash of some new software, and we have experienced the let down of the giants in the industry who have lost a sense of what an eCommerce company really needs to thrive.

With all of this experience we know what works, and what is a waste of time and resources.

We choose our technology partners carefully. We only use the best, not the trendy, flash in the pan technology. We utilize the workhorses. We rely on tried and true principles to create marketing and advertising strategy, content, and customer/user experiences.

We provide our clients with first class service. We are a part of your team. We believe that the client relationship is the most valuable offering in our services.

Our Team

Passionate Professionals

Our Expertise

We focus on clients who are utilizing or expanding into Multi-Channel eCommerce.

While we can do just about anything related to eCommerce, we focus on getting your products in front of the largest audience.

Great content attracts potential customers and invites them to make a purchase that will improve their lives. We can help you convey that message. The entire presentation is important. We can give your poetential customers the information they need in an attractive and professional way.

  • Multi-Channel eCommerce
    95% Complete
  • BigCommerce & Shopify
    87% Complete
  • Product Content Development
    92% Complete
  • Marketing & Pay Per Click Strategy
    83% Complete
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